Sound Space

Our lesson policies are designed to help you have the best lesson experience possible. If you have any questions about any of our policy information please send an Email to

1. HAVE FUN!! Your music lessons should ALWAYS be fun. If that ever changes, please let us know. We will do whatever it takes to make it right.

2. Flat Rate Tuition - Most Months you will receive 4 lessons. If your lesson day has five lessons in the month you will not be charged extra. Because of this, we do not reschedule lessons for days that Sound Space is closed. Those days are: Memorial Day, Labor Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving and the following Friday and Saturday, the week of local county public school spring break, and the week between Christmas and New Years Day. There occasionally may be a month where you only receive three lessons. 

3. Auto Pay - We handle all regular lesson payments through our automatic payment system. Once you receive your student log in information, please log into the student portal and familiarize your self with the site. When you pay your first month of tuition please click the “Keep this credit card on file for future payments” and “Automatically pay emailed invoices” boxes at the bottom of the page where you enter your card information. If you choose not to sign up for autopay you are subject to a $30 late fee for any payments made after the 7th of each month. 

4. Cancelations - If you need to cancel your lesson please log into the student portal, click on the date you would like to cancel and follow the prompts. In order to receive a make up lesson you must cancel no later than 24 hours before your lesson. Lessons canceled on the day of the lesson will only be rescheduled for sickness or family emergency once a month, and ONLY if the teacher's schedule permits. Lessons can only be made up within 30 days after they have been canceled. We do not give credits or refunds for missed lessons. If you don’t have time to log into the student portal you can email our lesson manager, Samantha Kelly at Sam will work with you on setting up a make up lesson. Some of our teachers occasionally open an extra day to facilitate make up lessons. 

5. Substitute Instructors - You may occasionally have a substitute teacher. For any lessons missed due to instructor absence, you may reschedule or receive a credit. That being said, all of our substitute instructors are hand selected because they align with our values and beliefs about music lessons. Enjoy your time with your substitute, you just might learn something cool!

6. Arriving Late - As a general rule, you are buying the teachers TIME not the lesson. All students must call ahead when planning to arrive late to a lesson. Arriving 10 minutes or later after the scheduled lesson start time with out calling the teacher may result in a loss of the days lesson(s).

7. Delinquents - If payment for lessons has not been received by the second lesson of the month, you will not receive any further lessons. When payment is made in full you may resume with your regular lessons. If payment is not received in full by the end of the month you will be removed from the schedule. If this happens more than once in a year, we reserve the right to remove you from the schedule permanently.

8. No Call / No Show - Sound Space reserves the right to remove you from the teachers schedule if you miss your scheduled lesson for two consecutive weeks with out notifying the teacher.

9. Disabilities and Allergies - In order to give you the best lesson experience possible, please let us know if you or your child have any disabilities or food related allergies.

10. Speak Up! - We want to hear from you! The good, the bad and the even the ugly. We are small business with big dreams and cannot grow and improve with out feedback from YOU. Yelp is great but we really want to talk directly with you. If something is not right we will do whatever it takes to make it right. If you think we can do something better, please tell us how. If you think were doing something right please let us know. We are excited to serve our community and everyone who believes that music lessons are about having fun! You can reach us anytime at